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Our lives run on routines. There are morning routines before heading out to work. We have routines for grocery shopping and exercising. If you have young kids, you can add what feels like an extra ninety-nine routines to a typical weekday. The villains are time disruptors. They are the little things you didn’t see coming; before you know it, they can upend almost every routine you have. When it comes to your vehicle, you know there is a time villain lurking the moment you turn on the engine and hear something that doesn’t sound normal.

A Regular Car Maintenance Schedule Is Your Routine Within A Routine

At Rays, our onsite service method is a way to take care of your routine vehicle maintenance while you are engaged in your regular daily routines.

You know your vehicle will need a periodic oil change, an occasional tune-up, and new brake pads and shoes every so often. While these are maintenance routines for your vehicle, they can become time disruptors for you.

With jobs and kids and other routines in your week, car maintenance can become a scheduling nightmare unless you wait until the weekend– and let’s be honest, most of us don’t have the luxury to do that. Trading your precious free time to sit in a waiting room as the minutes crawl by is not our journey, and it shouldn’t be yours, either.

Do You Know Your Car’s Maintenance Costs & Needs?

There are services that our vehicles routinely need, such as oil changes and signal light replacements, but does anyone really know everything that needs to be checked?- Our Certified Mechanics do.

Heading into the spring months, we know good vehicle maintenance is to check your air filters, AC system, tire pressure, battery, and change your fluids.

When entering the winter months, we know if you need winter-grade oil, to check your wiper blades and make sure your fluid has a deicer, to let you know if you need winter tires, if you have enough coolant to keep your engine from freezing, and the list goes on.

We shoulder the burden of vehicle maintenance knowledge, so you don’t have to, but we don’t want to keep you in the dark, either.

Rays Empowers You With Vehicle Maintenance Knowledge

“I wouldn’t drive your car for more than a month with the way those bearings are looking.”

Have you ever heard a phrase like this when standing at your local repair shop? Our certified mechanics want to help you understand your vehicle so you know you are getting the services you need without unnecessary repairs that other repair shops will throw at you using scare tactics.

Here is a list of questions to ask your mechanic.

  • When Should I Get My Brake Pads Replaced?
  • Signs You Need A New Alternator.
  • Prolonging Your Car Battery Lifespan.
  • Symptoms Of Bad Wheel Bearings.
  • What To Do After You Purchase A New Vehicle.
  • Signs You Have A Bad Ignition Switch.
  • Signs Your Car Is Having Exhaust Problems.